winesWe pride ourselves on one of the better selections of wine in Greater Portland. Several of us in each store have a real passion for finding exciting, food-friendly, unconventional wines for every palate.

Seek us out for conversation and guidance on wine. Also, Rosemont's Joe Appel writes a weekly wine column in the Portland Press Herald, which provides deeper information about various wines we carry.

What’s on our shelves is terrific, but our real talents shine when you ask us for assistance: We love to discuss wine and food, and to help you find the perfect bottle you never would have thought of (or known about) on your own.

As with the foods we make and sell, our focus is on the small and handmade, and we try to support family wineries where the emphasis is on low yields in the vineyard and a light touch in the cellar.

In addition to what’s on our shelves, we have an impressive cellar with wines that have been aging for years – some are ready to drink now, some ought to go into your own cellars for a little while! You’d be hard-pressed to find wines like these anywhere. Please ask in our stores about these wines, but stay tuned to this site because we'll soon be launching an ONLINE WINE CELLAR.